Thursday, July 21, 2016

Relay for Life: List of Relay Weekend Awards

Cancer Education Awareness Award:
3rd Place: Circle of Life, 2nd Place: Relay Rockers, 1st Place: Sunbeamers

Creative Inventive Fundraising Award:
3rd Place: Faeries of Hope and the Cure, 2nd Place: Team LiveWire,

New Team Award for Creative Inventive Fundraising:
Fly For Life

Best Theme Decorated Award:
3rd place: Builder's Brewery Relay For Life, 2nd place: E&S Breedables, 1st place: Dreamin' in Purple

Best New Team Theme Decorated Award:
Builder's Brewery Relay For Life!

The Exhibition Design Award
3rd place: Fantasy Faire Radio and the Home and Garden Expo, 2nd place: the Survivor Sim, 1st place: Fantasy Faire Mega Event Campsite

Designer Sim Award
3rd Place:  Null Aries - RFL Courage, 2nd Place: Luna Barak = RFL Manage, 1st place: Darkstone Aeon - RFL Victory

New Team Participation Award (triple tie)
3rdPlace: Atlantis For Life and Sol Existence, 2nd Place: Two Moon Gardens and A Stand For Hope, 1st Place: Fighting Sunflowers and Friends For a Cure

Returning Team Participation Award
3rd Place:  Cure Chasers and Relay Rockers, 2nd Place: Dreamin in Purple, 1st Place:  RGF Estates

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