Thursday, July 7, 2016

Latitude Staffing

Employers, are you struggling with filling or keeping staff for your business? Or just do not have the time to devote to advertising the positions and interviewing? Let us help make things easier!!

In order to register with Latitude Staffing please purchase your Staffing Package from the vendor behind the reception desk. Take your time to carefully read thru the enclosed information, fill out the paperwork and return it to our blue mailbox on the wall.

You will be contacted as soon as we get your registered on our site so you can start browsing through our already interviewed and screened candidates. In most cases you will hear back from us in less than 24 hours, however please keep in mind that due to real-life there may be times it will take an extra day.

Three packages to choose from for those seeking staff:
All packages are good for any amount of candidates.
Membership valid for 7 days
Membership valid for 14 days
Membership valid for 30 days

For every Employer referral that you send to us, that purchases a package, you will automatically have 7 days of free time added to your account.

Employees, are you seeking the perfect job? Tired of going place to place, seeing the same ad boards or the same posts on the forums? Sign up with us absolutely FREE and we will do the work for you! Again, this service is FREE to you. Sign up with us by getting your Career Package from the vendor on the wall to the left of the information, fill out the enclosed paperwork and return it to the blue mailbox on the wall. Once we receive your paperwork you will be contacted to set up an appointment to interview with a member of our staff. Once completed, you will be entered into our Career database where Employers will have full access to your information. Now just sit back and relax while the Employers browse the files and contact you about your future job!!


"I really appreciate the placement. I seem to fit in here well. Thank you for all your help!" - Hatred L.

"I am very satisfied with my experience at Latitude Staffing. They helped me staff my club very quickly and with qualified people. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for staff or job placement." - Sheka R.

" Oh wow! Thank you so much for working on this so quickly. Amazing!" - Sophie V.

"Thank you very much for helping me find a job that i find amazing!" - Sejio R.

Aisling Myst (240, 185, 23)

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