Sunday, July 10, 2016

Setting Up The Relay Walk Team Camps

With the sims of the track for the Relay for Life Walk now open, the various teams of the Relay for Life which have camps there have been busy setting up their builds. At the Sunbeamer camp in RFL Support. Cynthia Farshore and Shockwave Yarreach, with some assistance from the other three builders, have been busy at work setting things up. While most of the work is done, they have requested that other than sneak pics, pictures showing the camp in detail will wait until at least tomorrow.

Cynthia did explain that many of the builds would help tell a story, a "young farm girl gets skin cancer, and the journey of her treatment. I'm writing the story, which is a twist since normally the wolf here does the writing. (But) I may just get the jest down then hand it over to him."

With Relayers anxiously awaiting the Relay Weekend, the committee went ahead and decided to let team members over early, although limited to their own campsites. This includes out own.

Beamers:  The Campsite is now open to ALL TEAM MEMBERS so if you wish to check it out, be our guest,  It still needs some work, but feel fre to see how far we have come and make any comments and or suggestions to Cynthia or Shocky.

But it's not just the Sunbeamers whom were hard at work, I ran into a few members of Team Harmony of Hope in RFL Health busy with setting up their camp. It was about halfway done at the time. By now it's mostly finished, mostly.

More pictures are to come as the setting up of the Relay camps, and other builds, continues.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: As for the grape-colored mouse in the first picture, I had just come from the "Best in P" event at Club Cutlass. Shocker joked, "He did that on Purpleose."

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