Thursday, July 28, 2016

Press Release: Sunbeamers Relay For Life 3rd Annual Road Rally Information

Welcome to the Sunbeamers Relay For life Road Rally at Farshore Field. The purpose of this rally is to raise money for the American Cancer Society through donations. Even though there is a trophy and prize this is to be a fun and entertaining event and not to be taken as a serious contest. The following information is on how the race is run and what is expected. Also the field will remain open to aircraft operations so feel free to fly in or fly over the race.

To enter into the race requires a donation into the kiosk in front of the officials stand, this can be any amount. We ask that you do so with the attention of an official so as you can be recorded for timekeeping. Officials will be in yellow Sunbeamers shirts with Race Official flip titles.

There are three classes of racing, Cars/trucks, Motorcycles, and What is that? You may enter all three.

There will be 5 laps per donation. Additional donation can gain you 5 more laps to better your time.

The race takes place on Saturday July 30, and starts at 8AM SLT. At 4PM SLT the rally is over and the fast time for each class receive a trophy and $500 Lindens.

*Addition, the Press Release did not originally include the day of the event*

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  1. Bix.... Yur gonna get yur tail yanked for not saying its this SATURDAY and not TODAY.