Monday, July 11, 2016

New Sponsor: Bats Out of Hats

"Fly To Our Wicked Sanctuary, Like a Bat Out Of..."

Greetings all, from The Witchly hat, adorning this gourd where ideas fly out of!

...What?  You haven't heard of us?
^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) is a store owned and run by:
MajikVixen (BlueVioletVixen Lorefield) and JonCernunnos Resident
AKA Lilith and Samael ♥

and get a 10% discount (see group notice for details):

We also have a group on ASN (to which the same promotion applies), join our group on ASN:

WHAT IS FOUND AT ^v^/ <|;)?:
Let me take you on a mini-tour thru the dark wood...

Buried throughout the foliage, you will find unique things for sale with just a slight touch of taboo.  Our shop is a plethora of dark miscellanea, where you'll find that perfectly mysterious accessory to enlighten your home or wardrobe!

Check out our Tree Hub... This has some tasty tidbits of freebies, group gifts, group subscription, store info., and you can even make donations, if you wish.  As your eyes wander this thicketed back wall, you will find affiliates, hunt info., and Lindo (yes, have fun while you shop!).

Looking for something extra secret?  Take the tiny door teleport upstairs, into the great abyss!  Who knows what treasures are waiting for you to find them!  Oh, was that a meteorite that flew by, or are you just happy to see us?  -5 stars for you!

Yes, we have moved!  ...To a more spacious location!  Come check it out!  :)

Yus, we've decided to open up our hole in the wall, Fish Hunt Branch!  If you're addicted to Fish or Gold Hunting, and into the whole Snuffle regime (buying Snuffles, gathering charcoal pops, shrooms, & scooping poo, lol), then you've GOT to check this place out:
May the fish be with you!

Still not sure?  Here's a taste of more with...

No, we did not create PlantPets, but they are an interactive breedable that make great fun and wonderful gifts.  I have included instructions and the PlantPets' landmark in this box, along with the Rose PlantPet's seed.  ...Hurry, this exclusive pet won't last long at these prices!  Also check out our other listings for more breedables that are available!

The experience of building the "Prissy's Majikal Daily Dreams" project definitely broadened our spectrum.  We are very down to Earth people who find joy in working with each other, and now find it rewarding to work with others as well.  If you have an idea you would like to see come to life, and don't know where to begin, let ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) help you!

We also participate in
Next Hunt is: Around The Grid In 80 Days 4, which runs from July 13 - September 30th:

This is the hunt prize:

This mesmerizing decoration and conversation piece captures your love for the wicked, in a crystal ball, suspended by majikal hands.  ...Are they reaching for the dark-inspired, or offering it up as a sacrifice?  It's up for debate, while gazing into the mystical mists of contemplation, at the twisted bejeweled bat heart.  The crystal ball textures are animated and the bat heart in the center of it rotates very slowly.

...To stay up to date on current events or products like hunts, Lindo, new releases, plus group gifts!  ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) Group Key: 0dceeb4c-62ab-9436-ca6a-5f46106681b4

No room for groups?  No worries!  Click the Subscribr on the Tree Hub to stay in touch.

We also have a group referral program going on. L$5 per person who's referred to the group or Subscribr and stays for at least a week.  See group notice for details.

Our current group giftie is:

Welcome in the Summer by busting out the watermelons, the s'mores around the campfire, and the firecrackers!  This sparkler is especially majikal, and only available to ^v^/<|;) group members!  Don't just be at the beach party, be the light of the shindig!  Firery particles dance about from the top.

We can also be found on the Marketplace:
(sometimes you will find things there, that aren't available Inworld, and vice versa) (especially PlantPets!)  ;)

We would like to recognize Bugs Larnia for her phenomenal scripting help and teaching she does with her counterparts at Faerie Crossing.  Without her awesomeness, 1/2 of our products wouldn't be quite as stunning as they are.  :) ♥

We would also like to thank Cerri (cerridwen.melody), creator of Miss Mischief, who is the most wonderful landlady ever!  She got our new place ready in time for the Around The Grid 4 Hunt, and is by far, a master at working with textures!  :)

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