Saturday, September 22, 2018

Gift Grab: Week Fourteen

It's near the end of Week 14 of the SL15B Gift Grab, and just a couple days left for what for many is the last item up for the taking. This week's clue is "Once you’ve battled the Dinos and saved the grid, can you search high and low to discover the gift?" Which means head to Paleoquest.

Where the Gift Grab prize isn't too far from the entry area in Paleoquest. In fact, it's clearly marked as the "Free Gift" area, which to those who haven't been there means a different free gift. As usual, while having the Swaganator HUD on, click on your prize to claim it.

This week's prize is the biggest one yet, so you'll want to rezz it somewhere with plenty of room (such as the Ivory Tower sandbox). This is the Crystal Tower. It's empty on the inside, but it could easily be made into a small home or used for some other purpose.

Unless you've collected all thirteen of the previous weeks' Gift Grab's gifts, this will be the last of the SL15B hunt items you can get. For those who have gotten all fourteen, then Week 15 of the Gift Grab, starting Monday September 24 will offer one more item that promises to be particularly special. What is it? Stay tuned.

Bixyl Shuftan

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