Saturday, September 15, 2018

Announcement: This Week At The Science Circle: "Two Part Talk by Dr. Gastor, and Debate"

"Two Part Talk by Dr. Gastor, and Debate."

“Reducing Irreducible Complexity”
“A Biological Basis for Morality”

Saturday Sept. 16
8-9AM SLtime 

In this two part talk, Dr. Gasior discusses two crux arguments in the evolution versus religion debate.
One counter concept to Darwinian evolution is the argument that biological systems are designed. And, an irreducibly complex machine must have had a designer. A deconstruction of this line of reasoning will be produced along with an example of how evolution works to develop biological machines via analogy with handgun development.

Regardless of the truth of religion, many people find comfort and feel a need for a system of morality with an omniscient and punishing/redeeming entity. Science does not per se offer a specific system of morality and in fact it is argued it creates a potential sense of loneliness and isolation. The second segment puts forth a biological basis for morality from our understanding of biological diversity and Darwinian evolution.

The second segment will begin by watching the first couple minutes of the following video which sets up the conversation.

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The Science Circle (61/126/32

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