Monday, September 10, 2018

Remembering Breezes Babii

It was a year ago yesterday, September 9, 2017, in which Breezes Babii, a close friend of the Newser and a valued member of the Tombstone community, had passed away. She had been a reporter for the Newser's predecessor, the Second Life Newspaper, which was run by her SL daughter Dana Vanmoer. Her "Breezes Thoughts" were a remembered part of Dana's paper. When the old SLN folded, Breezes would send a number of articles and postcards to the Newser over time, many about her adventures in Tombstone. Several days after her death, she would be given a memorial service in Tombstone, the virtual community which had become her home here.

A year later, Gemma Cleanslate (and Chigadee London), and I would both visit her memorial site, taking a few minutes to recall the fun we had in the past. Gone perhaps, but not forgotten. No doubt she'll be remembered.

Bixyl Shuftan

Top picture from Gemma Cleanslate

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