Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Memorial Tower to Lumiere Noir

Avi Arrow recently told me about a new structure south of the Ivory Tower of Prims. In the adjacent Zoe sim is a memorial to Lumiere Noir, the man who created the Ivory Tower and it's library of instructions for those learning how to build things inworld. But on August 10, 2015, he passed away. His memorial service later that month was well attended by his friends and admirers. While the Ivory Tower could be considered a memorial to Lumiere, Avi felt there should be something else.

"That is something Lumiere created for Planet Mongo," Avi spoke of the tower, "few things of his have survived as he rarely took stuff into inventory. So, I took the tower and created the base for it and pavilion around it." The base had a few models at the outer edge of what looked like "Flash Gordon" style spaceships. The tower itself had a base with a thin section of glowing blue rings. Higher up were a few larger blue rings rising and lowering around the top part.

To the west a short distance is another structure. This one is brick, and resembles a more conventional memorial building. "The upper area is the actual memorial itself," Avi told me. In the front is a metallic statue of Lumiere's "Spy vs Spy" inspired avatar, with prims between it's hands, "Had one member create his statue which Kennylex also had a hand in making." Inside the building are a number of objects placed together, the memorial "houses the objects people gave to me to place in remembrance of him, at the actual memorial service itself."

And the name of the memorial for Lumiere? Avi told me, "Celebrity Ant Farmer was the last group title he gave to himself. So, his memorial park will be called the Celebrity Ant Farm."

Avi Arrow is working on another project. But details are mum until it's closer to being finished.

Bixyl Shuftan

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