Friday, September 14, 2018

Reader Submitted: Netera Landar's Chat Lounge Returns, to OpenSim

In an effort to inform, entertain and simply have a great time, I'm booting up my virtual world chat. But this time, I'm going to involve those of the open sim community.

I've been doing a lot of hyper jumping and have landed on a few interesting grids. One of which is run by Bill Blight and is called opensim I'm not leaving SL, my friends and partner are here. I merely want to introduce talented builders, content creators, authors and performers to what lies beyond. Open to guests that can speak on various topics: real life or virtual.

Those interested in being my guest, IM me here or email me at, Create an account on opensim and IM me there. It will be a voice chat in a large build owned by an SL musician.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Netera Landar

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