Monday, April 27, 2020

EOTB: Springtime Swaginator Hunt

Recently in the official blog, Linden Lab announced a couple things. One was a gift for Premium residents, a gazebo and matching table and chairs, available for pickup at various Premium gift kiosks. The other was a new gift grab, the Spring Swaginator Hunt.

Several flower-shaped kiosks have blossomed across the grid - and each kiosk holds a special surprise! Seek and find the kiosks to claim a total of five free gifts. Grab your free Swaginator HUD at Meauxle Bureaux to get started. The hunt runs all through spring, happy hunting!

To start out, head to Meauxle Bureaux (157/123/29), and click the flower. You'll then get the HUD in your inventory. Go into your inventory and find it, then click "wear" or "add"/"attatch." It should then appear in your upper left. Click it to get the location of where the first gift is. Once you get it, click the HUD again and get the next location. There are five in total.

To read the blog post in full, Click Here.

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