Thursday, April 9, 2020

Shockwave's Easter Maze

Every Easter (real-life permitting), Shockwave Yareach has always had a holiday-themed game for his fellow Sunweavers, and their friends. This year, it's a maze in which you have to find all the Easter eggs inside. The place is located high above the Sunweaver Eclipse sim.

Going to the entrance, you'll see a chocolate bunny. Clicking it, you'll get a basket, which you wear or attach. There's also a set of instructions.

When you got this notecard, you also recieved "EasterBasket012".  You must wear this during the egg hunt.  When you find an egg, simply touch it and the egg will appear in your basket.  It's just that simple.  You also get a copy of the egg that you can put out in your home or in your garden -- pretty.

But... you have to FIND them all first.  And thats not so easy.

First of all, they are in a 120m x 120m maze.  Aaaand, they move around the sim!

And did I mention, the eggs are small and hard to spot?

Not all is lost though, brave egg chaser!  Because most of the sides of the maze are not walled in.  This means, you can look in and try to find a route to eggs within the maze.  You don't have to make your way through the entire maze to reach an egg -- only part of it.  Work as a team, one person guiding and the other hunting!  Get all 14 eggs and win a special prize!

Good luck and most of all, have fun!!

Taking a look myself, it didn't take too long to find three eggs. Obviously though, the more you find, the harder the remainder will be to locate. Shockwave didn't say how long the maze will be up, though it should still be around up to a few days after Easter. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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