Tuesday, April 21, 2020

EOTB: The Environmental Enhancement Project is Online

In the official Second Life blog yesterday, Linden Lab announced that after a few years in development, the Environmental Enhancement Project, or "EEP" for short, was fully ready and part of the Grid and regular viewer.

The big day is here!  The Environmental Enhancement Project has been released grid-wide.  As of today the default viewer download and all regions on the grid fully support EEP!

In short, EEP offers big improvements in how one can modify the sky, water settings, and day cycles in one's sim or parcel. One can create and modify "environmental objects," and even sell them to others. You can have up to four different sky levels with very different appearances. The Sun, Moon, and cloud textures can be replaced with custom ones. One can change the four-hour day/night cycle in Second Life to 24 hours, or even a 168 hours (seven days), and more.

Besides the video about EEP provided by the Lab, one can also check out the Wiki page. Inara Pey would also write a tutorial and a primer.

Sources: Linden blog, Modem World

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