Thursday, April 2, 2020

SL17B Accepting Applications for Performers

It was a little more than two weeks ago on March 13 that Linden Lab announced that it was accepting applications for exhibitors in the Second Life Seventeenth Birthday celebrations. A few days ago on March 27, they announced they were accepting applications for performers in the event.

Calling all performers! Second Life is seeking talent for our upcoming 17th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL17B), held June 19-July 10.  Get ready for a fun-filled week of live music and deejay performances, shopping exclusives, and amazing community exhibits.  

One of the things that makes Second Life so vibrant and exciting is the wide range of Performers who share their talent with our Residents. Are you a DJ who can spin up a great party set? Maybe you’re a Live Musician who plays an instrument or sings! You might be one of the grid’s amazing Dance companies, or perhaps you’re a Particle Performer! Whatever your medium, we would love to hear from you. 

Those interested in applying are asked to fill out a form (link), and submit it by May 18.

The announcement would also remind those interested in taking part in the auditions for the Music Fest event also had until May 18 to apply, and those wanting to be exhibitors had been extended a few days to May 22.

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