Friday, April 10, 2020

Linden Lab States New Users Up 60%

Some interesting news about people singing up for Second Life. Brett Linden recently wrote to the Newser about the Second Life Book Club (which we'll write about later). But he also had some good news about how many people were signing up for Second Life these days.

Second Life has recently experienced a bit of a resurgence in new users due to the current public health crisis. Our new user registrations have increased about 60% since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and we’ve been seeing the highest number of concurrently logged in users in several years. While the platform is about 17 years old, many people are rediscovering it as a place for conversation, community and collaboration while in social isolation.

Checking for statistics on how many sign up per day is tricky. The statistical charts on Tateru Nino's blog have a listing for them that only goes up to May 2019, the last day mentioning 8148. So is Second Life getting close to 5000 more signups per day, or about 13,000 due to the Coronavirus crisis? This would make it about 2000 more a day than two years ago. That is, if the number of people of people signing up remained about constant from May 2019 to the start of the crisis. It would certainly be good news for Linden Lab, and Second Life. Especially if more of these new users stayed.

Sources: Dwell on It, SL forums 

Bixyl Shuftan

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