Thursday, April 30, 2020

Announcement: Bellisseria Cinco De Mayo Boat Parade

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Bellisseria Parade!

The Bellisseria Relay teams are celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend, May 2nd-5th. The celebration will include a Boat Parade that will leave the Fairground docks at noon on May 3rd.  You are all invited to bring your boat and join the parade. We're sending early notice so you have time to decorate your boat, too. Decorate it for Relay or Cinco de Mayo or both. Please plan to join us at noon on Saturday at the Fairgrounds, we look forward to seeing you!

The plan: 

    The First Anniversary boat parade was so much fun that we thought we'd do it again! 

    We will arrive before noon at the docks at Whiskey Bay.  Rez boats there and then move over to the west into Bellisseria Bay to line up, boats pointed south. 

     From there we'll cruise on south in parade line (as best we can with the constraints imposed by persnickety simulators, boats, and whatever else the Fates have in store.

    The parade route takes on a tour around The Pickle!  The whole trip takes about 45 minutes.

For more information, and a notecard, contact Camden McAndrews and/or join the Bellisseria Parade Group.

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