Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tiny Empires Game Not Working With New Last Names

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Yesterday, Linden Lab announced that residents (with Premium accounts) could have their last names changed after paying a fee. But while the Lab has been trying to work out the bugs with how residents interact with objects and Marketplace, there are still problems with things outside the Lab's direct control. For instance, some resident-created games may not recognize the new names. In one group notice inworld, there was a warning to players of the game "Tiny Empires."

For Tiny Empires players:

LL has reinstated “last names” effective today as a new option for Second Life Premium Members. Premium account holders may change their first, last or both names.

However, active TE players should NOT, repeat, NOT do this at this time. There are reports that one GV changed her name and was demoted to a wanderer. The Emperor has been asked to confirm or deny this and if confirmed, fix the glitch that allowed it to happen.

Until that time, please do NOT change your name.

 This was also mentioned in the Second Life forums.

I just paid £42.97 to change my name to Eva Nova and was so pleased, until I logged back in to SL and put my games HUDS on to find all progress lost. I had a guild in Tiny Empires 3000 and also played the classic game, for many years. ...
Please everyone be careful before you rush in like I did because I have destroyed years of progress on my games.

Also, Oldesoul Eldemar notified the Newser of a notice he'd gotten from Caspertech:

We were prepared for the name change stuff coming well in advance. It will not affect the operation of CasperVend or CasperLet in any way.

However, if you change your name, you will need to continue using your old name to log in to CasperVend.

So those in Second Life changing their names early will likely go through a number of inconveniences.

Bixyl Shuftan

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