Saturday, April 25, 2020

Announcement: RFL Team Fundrasing Totals, Week Ten

Week 10 levels! We have FOUR teams raise over $1,000 USD this last week EACH!!!

This list is for the first 10 weeks with totals as of Monday 04/20/2020.

Congrats to everyone who has hit a Fundraising Club Level!!!! We are definitely saying "Game On, Cancer!"


Bluzsters For Life, The Krazy Korner Team, We are Dragon's, MC - Satans Warriors MC, PawZ! For the Cause!, Slatanic Mechanic, Sail For Life, Team Core Charities, Feed Your Soul, Find A Cure, Steelhead Salmons, Mini A Chuu, Team OD, Twisted Hunts and Events For A Cure, GridPlay, Team Live Wire, Giant Snail Races, RFL Evenstarr's, SOUL SISTERS n FaMiLy, Midnight Renegade Country Club, MC - Thunder Demons MC, Team Sol Existence, MC - RWA HELLS ANGELS, Secret Desirez, Sweet Genesis, United Artists of SL, Cruz4Life, Sisters in SL, Purpose SL Homes, ROCKIN REBEL'S BEARS, UFS Metamorphosis, Foundation For Life, Team Bobbi Sue, MC - Cobras MC World, MC - Highway to Rock, Ministry of Dance, MC - DARK ANGEL REBELS, Southern Nights Country Club


Harshlands, MC - Legends MC, Circle of Life, B - Bellis Blues and Djs, Stay PAWsitive, Burners Without Borders in SL, MC - Outlaws KY MC, MC - Blood Wolfs MC, Supernaturals For A Cure, Mieville Steampunks, Secret Garden Productions, SHB Gems, Meli's Maniacs, Second Life Cheerleading Squad, Relay for Christ, Sanctuary Rockers, MC - Relay Goes MC


Stormy's Stars, Nightfall RFL, Gor - Port Kar, The Second Fiddle For RFL, Free Spirit Hippie Brigade, RGF Estates for RFL, Friends For A Cure, Spirit of the DragonRFL, MC - Voodoo Rebels MC, Inspired Dreamwalkers, Cancer Gets Stung, Attention on Cancer, MC - SISTERS OF MAYHEM


The Grove Country Club Estates RFL Team, BlueWaters Plaza, SUNBEAMERS, Gull's Wing Sailing Club, Seekers of Hope, Roos With A Dream, Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps, Team Shadow, LOW GEAR AUTO RACING, Esalinus, Goreans in Relay For Life, Relay Rockers, MC - HeadHunters


MC - The River of Life
Heroes Helping Heroes


Bellisseria for RFL
Cure Chasers


Camping for a Cure


Harmony of Hope

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