Monday, February 17, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in Rust ...

I didn't plan on writing about Rust again so soon, but my partner Jasmine's been extra busy with this game. Seems lately there's been some concerns about PvPers, so Nydia and the Angels had the idea of making a new main base in a new location. Jasmine was among those who scouted for the place, and then started building, and building, and building.When this picture was taken, it was six stories high. Since then, at least three more have been added, matching the height of the old base. Jasmine has done most of the work.

This stronghold has a few security features, such as the posts meant to prevent "siege ladders" from being built. So *if* it is found, it'll be too tough for saboteurs to crack.

As for the old base, we may not have a lot of time to empty it. The last update accelerated the "decay" feature, so lone wolves who are busy for a few days may find their base in Rust has, rusted, away.

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