Thursday, February 13, 2014

"The Quest" at M&M Creations

By Bixyl Shuftan

M&M Creations has a long history of offering quality goods to Second Life's residents. In the past, they were noted for quality sculpted items. Then they began offering mesh products. Recently, they've offered a challenge for residents, in the form of a "quest."

 This quest is not an easy event. It is meant to be challenging, rewarding & fun.

This Quest contains 20 Questions.
With every Question you can gain a different amount of points.
The more difficult the Question, the more points you get for the right answer(s).
Some Questions have an 'open answer' which means you need to describe something, the answer on these Questions can't be 100% correct. A top score of 100 points is impossible.
The possible answers on the multiple choice Questions can have more then 1 correct answer,

but 1 is always better then the 2nd best. Name only the best answer possible.
Some answers will be a guess, approximately....

You can leave Questions blanc, it will only cost you some points. The perfect score doesn't exist, no worries. Better to work together and use the hints if you really get stuck...

The contestant with the highest amount of points will win a 20.000L$ Voucher.
Second Best a voucher of 8.000L$ & Third Prize is a voucher of 4.000L$!

If 2 best contestants end up with the same amount of points, they will share the prize.

I talked to 10 Goosson, one of the coowners of the store along with Marcthur Goosson. She told me people could play either by themselves or as part of a team, "they can pop in, click the jigsawpuzzle and try to beat the rest or cooperate to have an equal amount of points in the end. (The contest) will be exceptional, it's not an easy event. And it suits us, Marc's work isn't so easy done too and our customers really appreciate that."

"(We've been) in SL for 7 years now Bixyl, people keep coming back for our consistency on quality." A number of goods were for fellow content creators, "the creators who have been so loyal, they have seen all changes, just as we've experienced the creators world of SL. Only the 'oldbies' know how it was when the sculpts came in here. They are still a very important part of our range of products that people still use for their creations."

Of the quest, they, "made this quest winter last year, but didn't dare to launch it, not for easy consumers, not a hunt, just something born at M&M. Everybody can try to do this quest!! there are hints available, and oldbies can help out."

"All these years we've build up something with the creative core of SL, the people who make the world as it looks today, the content all users see and take often for granted. have they any idea what's behind all the creations? For the ones aware of it; this quest is not so difficult and fun to do. It's an event with a small wink ofcourse, no need to get all 100 points. (Is it) impossible... ehm, nope, but hard to get there."

"The point is, M&M are doing their things (for) 7 years the M&M way ... And I dare to be proud to present a different kind of thing to keep up the fun, give something back a challenging way and to get back in touch with all people still hanging around to provide good content in here."

For those interested in taking part, head to M&M Creations at DoubleMM (193, 81, 76). You can also learn more about 10 and Marcthur Goosson and their store at their website: .

Bixyl Shuftan

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