Monday, February 24, 2014

Wounded Warriors Raises Over 50,000 Lindens at Benefit

On Sunday Feb 26 from 5PM to about 9PM SL time (Midnight EST), the monthly Wounded Warrior Benefit took place. The music concert, organized by singer Frets Nirvana, took place at Veterans Isle.

Tonight, Sunday Feb 23, is the second of 2014's Wounded Warrior's monthly benefits in Second Life. We will do our best to exceed last year's donations of $13000 ….hoping for $14000 in 2014! Freedom comes at a price ….paid by few for many. Come and help support those who have made that sacrifice. Enjoy good music and help a great cause.

Four musicians took part in the fundraiser.  Pondman Haalan (Alton Rex) started things off. Reggierookswood Sunset (Andy Frost) took the stage at 6 PM. At 7, Frets Nirvana himself took the stage with his guitar. Donn Devore (Edward Kyomoon) performed for the last hour.

About $51,500 had been raised at the close of the event. Talking to Frets Nirvana afterwards, "We gave it all we could." Asking him whom was likely to be on stage for the next event, "let's see ... PonDman, Maximillion Kleene, Franklee anatra ... and of course me."

The next Wounded Warriors Benefit at Veterans Isle is scheduled to take place Sunday March 30th, Veterans Isle (116/206/23)

Bixyl Shuftan

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