Saturday, February 15, 2014

Press Release: The Great Mama Allpa Picture Contest

We are pleased to announce the Great Mama Allpa Picture Contest. This is a "rolling event" with prizes awarded to the top 3 pictures every two weeks. Every two weeks we will publish a new "theme" and announce the winners of the previous contest.
The theme for the first "run" is Spring". After all, the weather is grey and chilly so it's time to think about Spring! Sunshine - daffodils - bunnies - ducklings - trees in blossom - sap rising!
1. The theme of your picture must be "Spring" - use your originality and creativity to capture whatever this means to you!
2. Pictures must be taken in world at the regions Glint or Mama Allpa and should *not* be post-processed using Photo Shop / Gimp etc.
3. You *can* use the photo-tools some viewers offer - so get creative with Windlight, or shadows, or vignetting - whatever feels right for you!
4. Photos should be Moderate or PG - please no explicit sex - appropriate nudity is fine though :-)
How to submit
1. Submit your picture on Flickr to the "Mama Allpa" group - and tag your picture with "Mama Allpa". Please make sure your have your profile name in the picture description, or in your Flickr profile.
2. Submissions will be closed on Wednesday 26 Feb and the winners announced on Thursday 27 Feb - along with a new theme for the next 2 weeks.
3. You can submit as many entries as you like, but only one picture per artist will be awarded a prize (so, for example, you cannot win both First and Second prize).
Selecting the Winners
1. The winners will be decided by a judging panel: YT Recreant, Winterthyme Resident, slut (xx.reyes), village bike (Brianna Aldridge) and Ava (AvaAdore Cabassoun) and the judges' decision is final.
2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Prizes will *only* be awarded if 10 or more people have entered the contest - so encourage your friends to participate too!
PRIZES - awarded every 2 weeks!!
1st Prize - 2,000 Lindens
2nd Prize - 1,000 Lindens
3rd Prize - 500 Lindens
Good luck and get snapping! In two weeks (27 Feb) we will announce the theme for the next "run" and the winners of the "Spring" contest.

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