Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Press Release: Madpea Hosting Feed-A-Smile Charity Auction

MadPea Productions is hosting a celebrity auction in support of Live and Learn in Kenya's Feed-a-Smile program. Held at Mad City Park on Sunday, February 23, from 8AM to 6PM SLT, we will have a professional emcee and live entertainment.

The goal of the Feed-a-Smile program is to raise funds to feed children in Kenya. There are 400 children in the program who are fed daily.  All 100% of donations are transferred directly to Kenya to care for the children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter, and foster care. Visit for more information.

What we need from you is YOU! We would like to put you up on the auction block (or simply post your photo and bio card on an auction board) and let the crowd bid for the chance to win an hour with you (within a two week time of the auction). This hour can be spent giving a demo of your particular skill - for example, building or designing something, or a behind the scenes tour of your business - or a simple dance date where you share your time in conversation.

Our goal with this event is 1,200,000L, which will feed all 400 kids in the Feed-a-Smile program for a month. We know we can reach this goal with your help.

Please contact Honey Cesuvino or Picoole Bade and then return the attached notecard and a photo of yourself by Sunday, February 16.

Thank you very much for being a part of this wonderful and deserving project.

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