Friday, July 31, 2015

Angels Calendar Auction Ends Today

If you want a chance to be in a picture with a calendar girl, you better hurry up. Tonight Nydia Tungsten's Calendar Auction comes to a close and  the last bids made final.

The time is counting down for your chance to be in this years Angels calendar, final bids starting so check back often for your chance to pose with your favorite model.

Every year, the Calendar events take place to help raise money for the Angel Estates sims to keep rents down. This year's calendar auction has 18 models of which the 13 with the highest bids will appear in the calendar with the bidders in the calendar. Also up for bid is a spot in a video of Nydia's with the 13 girls. So far, most of the models have bids of at least 1000 Lindens, with two at over 5,000.

The auction bids are made at the Happy Vixen club and hangout.

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