Sunday, July 5, 2015

Press Release: Farewell Concert and Fireworks at Decades

Guitarist Joaquin Gustav
Sunday, July 5 11:00 am - noon SLT
The Main Pavilion at Decades

The concert will be followed by fireworks and we'll "premiere" a new video by an award-winning RL filmmaker.

The DECADES festival is technically over, but we are going to celebrate one more time with a concert and fireworks this weekend before we take down the region.  Hopefully we'll raise a bit more cash to increase the capabilities of our historical and education communities website.

A highly trained guitarist and professional musician, Joaquin Gustav is one of SL's most popular and requested performers for live music concerts.

Joaquin is from Argentina, the birthplace of the tango.  His repertoire includes smooth jazz sounds, the classic tango and South American music, as well as world, folk, and pop music.

Come to hear and dance to some great music, see the fireworks, visit the exhibits for one last time, donate to support our communities and give a cheer for everyone who worked so hard to make last weekend's festival a reality!

Decades Festival, Vahalla Island (79, 131, 26)

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