Saturday, July 18, 2015

Relay for Life Weekend Schedule

Saturday July 18

10:00 AM: Opening Ceremony at the RFL sim - Relay for Life (134/63/21)

11:00 AM: Survivors and Caregivers

12:30 PM: Team Spirit

2:00 PM: Crazy Hats and Hair

3:00 PM: Movies and Musicals

4:00 PM: Holiday Road

5:00 PM: Hawaiian Beach Party

6:00 PM: Space Cadets

7:00 PM: Health Matters

8:00 PM: Purple Power

9:00 PM: Remember - The Luminaria Ceremony

10:00 PM: Meet and Make a New Friend

11:00 PM Relay Heritage

Sunday July 19

12:00 Midnight: Random Outfit Hour

1:00 AM: Get Active - Sports

2:00 AM: The 60s

3:00 AM: Hoppy Ball Dance

4:00 AM: Relay Around the World

5:00 AM: Heroes and Supers

6:00 AM: Fight Back Ceremony

7:00 AM: Happy More Birthdays

8:00 AM: Coffee, Tea, or Relay

9:00 AM: Formal Hour

10:00 AM: Closing Ceremonies

11:00 AM Victory Lap

Keep an eye out for any smaller events durring and after the Relay Walk

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