Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nerdapalooza 2015

Welcome one and all to the Nerdapalooza 2015 event!  What is it you may ask? Well it's basically as it sounds actually. Nerdapalooza is basically an event going on from July 5th to the 11th at StormWind for all geeks, nerds, and gamers alike to come and hang out and raise funds for Relay For Life of SL. In the information section of the sim the end states that it is a fund-raiser event for the American Cancer Society. As you can see the land is very unique and of course, a geeks dream. Unfortunately there is only a few more days till it ends depending on where you live of course, but needless to say its worth checking out.

When you arrive there you are  rezzed on a warp pipe from the  beloved and famous Mario Franchise, and with your imagination you can assume you came out of said warp pipe. Around you is a small but interesting place to explore and the different buildings and other warp pipe shaped buildings lead you inside to lists of different vendors selling different items and such, which most of them seem pretty top quality nonetheless. While looking around you can also fine one or two themed ones that are centered around Minecraft and mostly Mario. Upon exploring it I came across items you can buy for your avatar, which aren't totally themed to any games in particular, more of a nerdy style though, but still wonderful!  Besides the vendors and shops there is also a little castle where you can play games or just hang out in the ball pit and yell, BAZINGA!

While there weren't really any people here when I went to check it out, there hopefully will be during the days left of the event. Besides myself I bet many of you geeks, nerds, and gamers a like would want to check this out and hang around here with your friends. Don't forget the important part of it though!; that is to try and donate to a good cause. This sim was of course made possible by a few people, but of course the sim is owned by a group instead of just one particular person. The group is called, 'NFC RFL Designers and Bloggers'. I hope everyone who attends the event has a swell time there!

Stormwind (61/56/3691)


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