Friday, July 10, 2015

Radegast Has Recieved an Update!

by Celene Highwater

I know this might not mean a whole lot to those using regular SL viewers, but Radegast has just received an update by its developer.

In November 2014, Latif Khalifa announced that he was ill and could no longer continue work on the project. However, we have received the news that the viewer has been updated to version 2.18.
The viewer is a text-based viewer that works well for the blind and visually impaired. This  viewer has allowed people like me to not only enter Second Life, but participate in events and activities as if we were using a 3d viewer. So if you like, please take a look. The project is open-source so if you like what you see and no how to code, please consider helping us keep it alive so those who can't see can continue to enjoy SL.

Source: Modem World

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