Friday, July 17, 2015

Tomorrow ...

This is it! Tomorrow's the day the Relayers have been waiting for all season: The Relay Walk. The Track is ready. The camps are all built.

The sim where Team Sunbeamer, the team of the Sunweaver Estates where the SL Newser office makes it's home, is on the northwest corner of RFL Strength at  (35/135/21).

On the southeast corner are our longtime friends in the Relay, the Steelhead Salmons.

 On the southwest corner is Team Walking Tall For a Cure.

And our next door neighbors on the northeast corner are the Knights of Avalon.

Keep in mind these four great exhibits are on just one sim. Imagine what all forty have?

The Relay for Life Walk takes place tomorrow, with the Opening Ceremony at 10 AM.

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