Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Podex Exchange Closes Operations in Second Life

With their deadline for currency exchangers to close due to orders by Linden Lab just a few days away, I went to check on the Podex Exchange to see if any information was posted there. I found their ATM disabled and with a message in Polish over it. It took a translation program to figure out what it meant, "Sale of Linden dollars is temporary suspended - for more information, visit Podex ."

Checking their English language page at, I noticed that among the icons for the virtual worlds they cover, the Second Life symbol was no longer among them. There was no new information on their English Language blog. On the Polish page's blog however, there was. I again used a translation program for it.

As a result, the company Linden Lab's decision that restricts the sale of Linden dollars through intermediaries are forced to temporarily suspend the service. Please do not make payment, and do not send SMS.

Although Podex owner Jacek Shuftan used the word "suspend," what it means is the place has de fatco closed to further business. After being in business for several years in Second Life, the Podex Exchange in Second Life has shut down.

For Second Life's resident's, it means a currency exchanger with a good reputation and record of service is now closed, making it more difficult for those having difficulties with Lindex, the official Linden Lab Linden dollar currency exchanger, to get Linden dollars. For the Second Life Newser, it means it's longest running sponsor whom has been listed as one for most of it's history starting in November 2010, is now gone.

The Newser thanks Jacek Shuftan for all those years of support.

Bixyl Shuftan

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