Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Relay For Life: A Survivor's THANK YOU!

Words cannot describe how after I did my survivor lap last night and upon getting back to my campsite the most beautiful sight I ever witness and for me to just let go and cry at those who were there to greet me on my return.

I am still in quite a bit of shock at the outpouring of love that awaited me and with all the tears of joy that I had, it was well worth it.

As you know I was bound and determined to get my walk in one way or another and believe me, just like cancer TRIED to stop me, so was sim crashes and lag trying and failed to last night (except for one crash) again.

For me, it was not an option for me to forgo my walk, it just wasn't gonna get by me without me doing it. I was that determined that I could and would do my walk one way or  another.  The end results was needless to say another moment in the history of our relay, another moment in time that will be recorded on my site after I have some time to let it all sink in and to relish what's become a HUGE success in my over coming obstacles and AGAIN showing cancer who is BOSS around  HERE!!!

I guess in retrospect for me to say thank you to each and everyone who met me would take a much longer notecard LOL, but in all sincerity I do want to say thank you to;

Catalina Stalheli, who behind the scenes gathered friends and love ones together for what was so important to me. I had told Catalina I wanted to finally do my lap and told her I would be in to do it.

I was just totally unaware of what was to happen as we made our way around the track, Having Lom on my shoulder and Catalina and another relayer in tow, we walked, even members of the Second Life Cheerleading Squad and even a committee member joined as we got closer back to the campsite and as the transcript that was sent earlier, the rest they say is history!

In closing, again THANK YOU to Catalina Stalheli for doing this and bringing closure to a relay season I won't forget for a long time to be, and to the ENTIRE relay community a big BIG HEARTY HEALTHY THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

As my team motto says, we are "Strong! Together!"

Vickie Maidstone,
Friends Fighting Cancer RFL Team Captain 2015.

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