Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dalai Lamia Speaks In-Avatar At Mayo Clinic

 By Gemma Cleanslate

There was a large gathering at the Mayo Clinic Conference Center East on Monday the 29th of February. The occasion was a webcast of The Dalai Lama with his avatar in Second Life on the stage. Svea Morane, the coordinator for the Mayo Clinic in Second Life welcomed us all to the conference center and advised us that we could send questions to the Dalai Lama. 

The Dalai Lama was addressing caregivers at the clinic on the subject of compassion in the health field. The talk he gave included many facets but all of them really described accepting each person. As a human being from womb to death we all desire the same thing, a happy life. We are all part of the human family. He was quite humorous at times, but in doing so was presenting the idea that our mental attitude is most important. To caretakers, do the best you can to promote happiness within the patient. Examine your own negative feelings or anger from all angles, analyze and realize that much can be dismissed by that analysis. Most of the anger exists in our own minds. Whether one has religious belief or not, each human being can be viewed with compassion and most of all love and kindness, regardless of their station in life. 

To some questions, in his humility he admitted he could not really answer that question. But then he did, and the answer was always love. It was a marvelous experience to sit among 81 avatars who all heard the same message at the same time as the caregivers in his audience. He also thanked all his caregivers that were with him during his stay for treatment at the clinic. 

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic Staff for arranging the joint event through webcast and with the Dalai Lama avatar. Some of the address may appear on the website.

Mayo Clinic (33, 195, 28).

Gemma Cleanslate

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