Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Easter Bunny Trail Still Up Until After Today

 For those whom still want a little more Easter-related fun for the Relay, Team Dreamin' in Purple still has their 2016 Easter Bunny Trail up, at least for the moment. After today, it's up to the kids as to how long it remains around. There was an announcement in the Relay group yesterday reminding people it was still there.

Come see me, the Easter Bunny, at the 2016 Easter bunny Trail for RFL! For any donation to the kiosk you can have your picture taken with me! After today, I head home to prepare for next Easter! If you haven't done the trail yet, its last official day is tomorrow, so be sure and get out there and find your eggs, and get your free prizes!

Dropping by Aquamarine Island (220, 76, 22), the Easter Bunny was there with one of the kids on the team, the holiday critter saying, "this event is free, with donations encouraged, if you'd like to explore (smile) many eggs hidden, lots to see. (grin) Thank you for taking my photo!" I asked how long the eggs would remain up, and he answered, "The event is open through tomorrow officially, just depends on when the kids have time to tear it down after that, hehe! ... They are on vacation with their family in SL, in Greece, so this will probably be here 'till the weekend."

A notecard sent to me by the child stated this was the fifth Bunny Trail, and one could find the following:

- 22 hidden eggs on our NEW Easter bunny paw trail!
- explore the gnome garden, unicorn sanctuary, teddy bear picnic and more!
- Daily photo sessions with the Easter Bunny for donation, Egg Decorating photo op, and even a petting zoo with food pellets for donation!

All donations go to Relay for Life of second life, in support of the American Cancer Society! Photo sessions for th Easter Bunny take place around 5pm each day

Aquamarine Island (224, 228, 20)

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