Thursday, March 24, 2016

Last Linden vs Resident Snowball Fight For The Season This Friday

"One Last Friendly Battle Before the Snow Melts"

 If you've ever wanted to pelt a frosty one right on the kisser of one of Linden Lab's finest, but either missed out on earlier chances or are still aching for another shot, you'll be getting another chance. Tomorrow for two 2-hour periods, the snowballs will be flying at the arena in the Winter Wonderland area. Xiola Linden announced the event in the official Second Life blog.

We have to take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts - and we want you to come have ice-hurling fun with us on Friday, March 25th, from 10 am - Noon SLT and 2 - 4 PM SLT.  If you missed the last snowball fight now is your chance to come pelt some friends and Lindens with soft, fluffy balls of frozen fun. Grab your snow-launching weapons from the kiosks, get some practice in, and be sure to make the trek to the top of the ice castle to take in the amazing view.

To get to the Wonderland head to Portal Park 1 (128, 210, 23), walk into the building with a blue portal, grand permission to "animate your avatar," then after you're ported you'll be in front of signs pointing the way to a few locations. Go east, and then north, and then walk until you're at the sign that announces you're on the area grounds.

Happy (Linden) hunting.

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