Friday, March 4, 2016

Press Release: Relay For Life Comes to the Builder's Brewery

One of Secondlife’s oldest groups is getting a brand new Relay for Life team.  This year Blue Myanamotu has agreed to take on being a team captain so that the Brewery can have a team of their own.  At her side is co-captain Natalya Lore (freudianslipped Resident).   They got their start collaborating with the Builder’s Brewery last year at the Relay for Life Art Auction.  The event was quite a hit and raised nearly 50,000 Lindens.  The team can’t wait to share more fun events with the grid that will not only be a blast, but will also raise funds for a great cause!

This year they plan to hold another art auction in May, along with many other events including a Slurbage tournament in March, a Gacha Festival in April and a Grid-Wide Hunt in June. 
They are currently looking for creators to donate Gacha sets for the festival in April.
If you would like to join the Builder’s Brewery Relay for Life team, check out their website:

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