Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Insilico Offline, Owner Skills Hak Banned

Some sad news for science-fiction roleplayers in Second Life. The popular Insilico region, mentioned in media such as the Drax Files and written about by the Newser last year, has been taken offline. The reason, it's owner and primary builder, Skills Hak, has been banned from the Grid by Linden Lab.

Skills, whom has been involved in controversies such as being among those Linden Lab asked to resign from the Emerald Viewer team just before it collapsed in 2010, has stated she feels this will probably be the end of her activities in Second Life, at least under her current identity.

I had a good run. 8 years on this account and the timing of my ban couldn’t have been better. In fact my boyfriend was really happy to hear about my final ban since i am spending too much time at the computer and i am going to be a mommy soon. It was a wild ride, thanks for everything.

Some good news for Skills, Linden Lab is compensating her for the ban.

... i’ve been emailing back and forth with Linden Lab for a bit and i just agreed to accept a one time payment that will recoup my losses (although, technically i didn’t lose any money). It was more than i expected, they showed good faith and i will leave them alone now, promise.

In New World Notes, where the story was also reported on, several readers reminded about another community that had been offlined, Steelhead, due to it's owner being suspended for completely unknown reasons despite not being involved in any controversy, and paying more in tier than Insilico.

As for Insilico, their blog stated negotiations were in progress for a transfer of ownership to keep the region of several years alive. But the last post made suggests they might not proceed and the area could be allowed to pass away. Regardless whether one considers Skills Hak a hero or villain, the Grid is facing the loss of another prized region and community.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I hope Insilco stays alive. If it doesn't second life will lose many content creators and normal residents will loose interest with no creative content around to see as they teleport around finally coming to a boredom.

  2. With the amount of Drama Skills Hak created releasing a fake CopyBot prevention system CDS, and Data Mining, I am glad this person got banned, they ruined my life, and life of my friends many years ago getting falsely banned for using Neil Life, when using Emerald Viewer, Refused to remove bans, So basically I did end up copybotting, and I never got banned for it I created accounts for the sole purpose to get revenge on many merchants running CDS...

    Today if I ever got banned again for any reason by any network ban system that is supposed to prevent Copybotting I will do it again, and I do have the ability to clone full meshes, re-upload to SL and give it out as freebies, as well as use false information and payment info and there is nothing anyone could do about it...

    Simple Answer, I respect Merchants, I spend thousands hundreds of Dollars, but my Group of people will not put up with Evil People in SL and anyone who is warned to cease actions and refuses.

    Its Great Linden Lab Banned Skills Hak for this reason, and Zfire Xue, Now they need to ban Ash Qin for re-listing the stupid thing on the marketplace.

  3. Still in place. Insilco is still used and rp'd in.