Friday, March 18, 2016

Announcement: Harmony of Hope's Egg Decorating Competition!

This competition is to benefit Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

*Please read these rules carefully. Eggs that do not follow the guidelines below will not be accepted.

The Challenge: To build what you consider the perfectly decorated egg. Real eggs have limits. SL eggs don't. Think out of the box, put your personality on exhibit and let those creative juices flow!

The rules are simple:

There will be 20 platforms. Pay the small kiosk an entry fee of 300 Lindens and that plot will be yours.  The small kiosk will be removed and a popular vote kiosk will be put in its place. It's that simple!

- You are allowed 35 prims to make you Egg unique.
- Use only the egg, your prims, and NEW prims, created by you
- You may use the sculpted egg provided or
   use your own prim egg.
- Your egg must be ready to be judged by 10:00 am slt. on 3/20/16

If you need a head start IM TS Darrow for a blank egg.

Their will be 2 winners.  One selected by our judges and one by popular vote. Popular vote consists of friends, family and group members donating to the kiosk next to you build. When voting closes the build with the highest kiosk total wins.

Judges will judge your egg on presentation, creativity and uniqueness.

Winners will be announced by 5pm. Slt.on 3/20.  You do not need to be online to win.

Winners will get: Bragging rights, fame and last but not least a basket of Gift Cards and Prizes!

-Please send your name on a notecard to ITman Frog or TS Darrow to get rezz rights.
-If you want to pre-register please contact ITman Frog or TS Darrow
-If you have any questions. yes you guessed it...please contact ITman Frog or TS Darrow

Good Luck to All!

Relay dAlliez Common Area, Relay dAlliez (128, 22, 23)

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