Thursday, March 10, 2016

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 36: Sominel Edelman"

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From Draxtor Despress on March 8, "'People feel a sense of presence in Second Life without any fancy input devices simply because they are touched by the relationships with others they have in the moment. I help them to feel they belong there by making their surroundings real and beautiful!' "

"A physical geographer from Holland who has never been to Yosemite makes photo-realistic virtual environments, many modeled after the world's most impressive natural wonders, and subsequently brings fellow SL residents to tears? You better believe it: Sominel Edelman has perfected a laborious process of making gigantic landscapes from tropical island to Grand Canyon replica, from a vast digital moon to looming snow-capped mountains.

"Tiny avatars, who live, sell, role-play or simply enjoy the places inaccessible for them in the physical world, immerse themselves in a world that has become uniquely theirs. A world where they are actively shaping their destiny, empowered by a fellow resident's creative passion.

"Needless to add: Sominel's tireless focus to push his craft above the limits of what is possible in virtual worlds today has made his dreamjob into his day job. Perhaps someday he will take a trip to Yosemite National Park after all? No Oculus Rift necessary there either we are told, only pure presence…"

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