Wednesday, May 4, 2016

News and Commentary: Political Opposition Against Trump HQ Continues

Last week, the Newser wrote about the problems a group of supporters of the US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was having with another group supporting the candidate Donald Trump, the latter admitting they were having a little fun at the other's expense, and some outright trolls griefing in the brash candidate's name, at times wondering if the two were one and the same. Since then, the incidents of griefing have continued, and are drawing attention from both Second Life media, and media from outside which has taken a renewed interest in the virtual world because of the political drama. One noted figure in Second Life media has stated things have gone far enough and it's time for Linden Lab to swing the ban hammer on the Trump HQ. But if they wanted to, could the Lab do so without alienating much of it's user base.

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