Monday, May 23, 2016

Relaystock, and Other Events This Weekend

It was quite an event-filled weekend for the Relay for Life. Their main event was their tribute to Woodstock, "Relaystock," For two days at the Relay dAlliez sim, DJs and live musicians performed to the audience, which didn't mind a little rain and mud. There were also a few other events, such as the Relay party and art show at Loligager Lane, a KISS tribute concert at OD Designs, a "Empires of Hope Concert and Cookout" in which there was a raffle with gold bars for the "Tiny Empires" HUD-based game, a SL Coast Guard raffle, and more. A number of teams made notable gains in the number of Lindens donated, including the Sunbeamers, which in less than a week have gone from about 54,000 Lindens to as of last night 150,000. There's also been some recent renovations at the Sunbeamer estates.

More on some of these events later this week as time permits.

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