Friday, June 12, 2020

George Floyd Memorial, Linden Lab Statement on Protests

While things in Second Life headline news have largely been happy between the Relay for Life and upcoming Second Life Birthday, real life news has been troubling. Besides the Coronavirus Crisis, for over two weeks a number of protests have happened across the United States over the death of a man as a result of rough treatment during his arrest, George Floyd. According to Wikipedia, he served four years in prison following a plea deal in which he was originally charged with armed robbery of a home, but following his release became involved in church and found employment. He was 46 and is survived by five children.

High above the Moonsong sim, a memorial to Floyd was set up. Besides the flowers and candles, there are various angry statements, including a quote from George Orwell. There was also a sign for "Stand for Justice," a store in Apple Fall Events that raises money for Black Lives Matter.

A few days ago in the official blog, Linden Lab would comment on the protests, "Social Injustice Has No Place In The Virtual World," announcing they were donating $30,000 to social justice charities, and suggesting residents do the same.

Like many of you, we are feeling a combination of horror and outrage over the history of racism against Black lives. What we continue to witness is deeply disturbing and demanding of immediate social change. 

The killing of George Floyd seen on video around the world is only one in a long and unacceptable series of violent and racist attacks and discriminatory behavior directed against people of color. 
We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, all victims of systemic oppression and violence, and with Black communities across the U.S., the globe, and the virtual world in condemning racism and any and all actions that promote division. 

Our mission at Second Life has always been to help build a better world, and in support of Black Lives Matter, we will be donating $10,000 each to three charities that are active in helping to fight oppression and injustice including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

How can you help? This weekend, you can participate in the Stand for Justice fundraising effort dedicated to raising funds for Black Lives Matter, Black Visions Collective, Campaign Zero, the National Police Accountability Project, and a Split Bail Fund benefiting 38+ bail funds nationwide. We also highly encourage you to sign petitions, text, call, or donate to show your support, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all. 

Now is the time for us to come together as a community and to stand up for what is right, just, and decent. We hope that you will stand with us in our fight for a better world and in recognition that Black Lives Matter today and every day. 

The Newser has yet to hear about any actual demonstrations within Second Life, though I have heard a number of comments about events both in Second Life and Discord channels, some supporting the protestors, some supporting the police combating rioting that has followed a number of the protests, and some urging caution and reminding people the rioters are not with the protestors and that most of the police are not troublemakers.

Addition: Linden Lab would also post a video of several supporters of Black Lives Matter. 

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I had to think about this a little as people come to Second Life to escape real-life problems. And when one is brought up to believe the alternatives to the system you were brought up in were either a de-facto dictatorship or falling apart to tribalism, well seeing the system branded as inherently oppressive comes across as troubling. And I don't see how fighting over a few statues is going to help, unless it's to get us to forget how we got here. Nor do I see how branding much of the country as the descendants of "traitors" is going to do anything but throw fuel on the fire. Still, that there are problems can't be denied, notably the Coronavirus taking out large numbers of certain ethnic minorities. Unfortunately, as some people like to see the world burn, there are a few taking advantage of the unrest to destroy property and loot. That's gotten a number to associate the rioters with the protestors, and helping to further deepen the divide.

  2. It's funny how the entire world morns a man that was not only a criminal but a drug addict as well.
    Where was the outrage and protests when this same thing was done by cops mind you to a white man in Texas? Tony Timpa!? Look him up Mr Shuftan, IF you are a good journalist and want to be fair, and not make this about race or a black person was killed. because Yes a White guy was the one that had his knee on the guys neck for the almost 10 minutes but there was also a Black cop, an Asian Cop, and a Hispanic Cop.... So where is the outrage over those races killing Mr Floyd?? Again.... Basie.. I feel that something like this should NEVER have came into Second Life. Second Life is a outlet to escape RL, and this among many other things make Second Life no longer a place to do so, Especially when You are slapped in the face with all kinds of HATE..... I grew up in the 80's I was taught NOT to see color.... I was taught to judge someone by the content of their life, and the things that they did in society.... and for this to be made into trash this big.... makes absolutely No scene. George Floyd was a pawn to start all the bullshit you see now..... Why because it's an election year,.... and there are SO many people that are
    " Orange Man Bad" and they are trying anything to stop the election.... Sorry Again Not hateful, BUT I do not support a terrorist organization.. BLM or Black Lifes matter and Antifa and Anonymous. they are ALL terrorist organizations. I am only posting Anonymously So I don't get hate speech or harassment, because that has now became the New Normal.... and That is NOT ok!
    I am Sorry that Mr Floyd passed away, but You Know what they say
    There are good cops and then there are bad cops
    there are good doctors then there are bad doctors
    there are good white people and then there are bad white people.
    All Life's Matter Not just one race! By saying ONLY black lifes matter.
    White Lives matter
    Black Lifes matter
    Blue Lifes matter
    Brown Lifes Matter
    Red Lifes Matter.

    We Need to throw out color and stop this bullshit flat out.
    Rant over....
    A message to my brothers and sisters of all color and all nationality { Since I have to be clear here}
    Love one another, No matter what!

  3. I have to add if anyone wants to look up Tony Timpa from Texas
    He was from a decent area , he had mental health issues and was under the influence of illegal drugs
    called 911 for HELP, when they arrived he was zip-tied and face down in the ground. He was detained the SAME way that Mr Floyd was the knee in the back" and he quit breathing. The cops mocked him,made fun of him and he died.... when the ambulance got there to take him to the hospital, the EMT's told the cops that he had expired.. and the cops were heard [ ON THEIR BODY CAM FOOTAGE] Oh dam! Well Shit!!
    When the cops went to court there was NO big rally or protest It did not even make media coverage. The cops involved were all acquitted.
    Where is this man's justice? Where is this man's multiple funerals. Where is this man's protests for injustice or police brutality???
    Oh that's right... because It does not fit the narrative or peoples political agendas!

  4. Wake up people before it's too late. Look at Seattle Washington. Mostly Look up this The area of 12th and Pine is now known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ, and there's no timeline for when it might change or return to how it was before.