Thursday, June 4, 2020

CDS Announcement: Mad Hatter's Ball on Sunday June 7

Join us for The Mad Hatter's Ball, on Sunday 7 June at 1130 SLT.  Don't be late for this very important date!

What:     Mad Hatter's Ball
             - Celebrating the Inauguration of the 33rd Representative Assembly and Incoming Chancellor

Date:     Sunday 7 June 2020

Time:     1130 to 1400 SLT

Who:      DJ QT and Maximillion Kleene

Where:   Neuschloss Ballroom, CDS

Attire:    Fancy Dress Encouraged - Think Alice in Wonderland!


The Mad Hatter's Ball is a whimsical and fun fancy dress ball with a theme inspired by the Lewis Carrol classic, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".  The Hatter is a Victorian-era hat maker to the Queen; he is not angry, but he is crazy-silly-fun "mad".  Brooke Brandenburg has transformed the Ballroom into the Wonderland world of the Mad Hatter.  Rosie Gray's event poster spectacularly captures the spirit of the event.

We have two amazing performers who will lead the festivities, our own DJ QT and Maximillion Kleene!

DJ QT will open the Ball at 1130 SLT.  Live from Holland, QT recently entertained us during the fun dancing-in-the-rain April Showers event.  We are excited to welcome her playful mix of rockabilly, blues, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s music back for our Ball!

Maximillion Kleene takes the mic at 1200 SLT.  Max is a live singer in Niagara Falls, Canada and winner of multiple Avi-Choice Awards over the years.  He has been thrilling audiences in SL since 2007 with his musical magic and vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers.  See for Max's bio and song list.

QT will return to the live stream at 1300 SLT for the final hour of our celebration.

The CDS Inaugural Ball celebrates the incoming Chancellor and members of the Representative Assembly for the 33rd term.  The Oath of Office Ceremony officiated by the Dean, will take place on Monday 25 May at 1200 SLT.  All are welcome to attend.

Chancellor:  Rosie Gray

Members of the 33rd Representative Assembly:  Brooke Brandenburg, Guillaume Mistwalker, Laura Azalee, Lyubov Atheria, Tanoujin Milestone

CDS would also like to recognize the 18 new and returning Citizens that have joined us since January:  Breydon Lane, Brooke Brandenburg, Drew Barnard, Guillaume Mistwalker, Jon Seattle, Kenny Hubble, Lian Laufer, Lina-Sui Nayar (sui Nayar), Mariska Dufour (Mariska Simons), Marley Storm (Marley1112 Resident), ᴻᵁᵀᵀᵞ (Sutha Stoop), Okrah Koskinen, RobertUGA (RobertSchneiderUGA Resident), Saineolai (Kathy Yamamoto), Teacherkatherine Resident, Tessa (Contessadrake Resident), Tink Chanel (Lookkilla Resident), Trudy Takacs


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