Monday, June 15, 2020

Reader Submitted: The Relevance of Statues

All the current news about statues in the real world reminded me of a rather unprepossessing statue in Second Life that celebrates a huge step forward in the virtual world.

Back in 2006, working in the dark dangerous prim mines which honeycomb Heterocera,  a mole, sadly their name seems not to have been recorded, made a remarkable discovery as detailed for posterity on the plaque.

"This statue commemorates the discovery of sculpted prims in '06. Found in the prim mines of Heterocera, sculpted prims were immediately recognized as a new category of prim that would change the face of Second Life forever. This statue is dedicated to the brave Moles who delved into the pixelated crust of Heterocera Atoll in order to bring forth these valuable prims."

The statue is located alongside the West Coast Road,  close to a rezz zone and the YellowDots -"Chatty Cafe"-

If you want to combine a bit of extra  fun with your visit, there is a friendly mole  which allows you to rez a 4x4  and close by an Air Balloon rezzer

Annie Brightstar 

From "Exploring Second Life With Annie"

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