Saturday, June 6, 2020

RFL Announcement: Theme Hour Schedule

(Be sure to grab the box of stuff in every Info Station on the track.  This box has items that you might want to use while walking on the track!)

10 AM ~ Opening Ceremonies
11-12:30:  Survivor/Caregiver Lap - Theme Sponsor: Relay Rockers
12.30pm-2 PM: Teams Lap - Theme Sponsor: GridPlay
2PM: Roller Skating Hour - Theme Sponsor: Bellisseria Community Relayers
3PM: Walk with a Friend - Theme Sponsor:
4PM: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (colors hour) - Theme Sponsor: Attention on Cancer
5PM: Sports Teams - Theme Sponsor: Royal Ascot by Chateau Trikassi
6PM: Nerds and Geeks Unite! - Theme Sponsor: EvenStarr Team
7PM: Video Game Hour- Any game! - Theme Sponsor: Washburn Lounge
8PM: Camping hour! Flannels, Smores and Hot Cocoa! - Theme Sponsor: Camping for a Cure
9PM: Luminaria Ceremony
10PM: Candyland Hour! Cookies-Candy-Game Piece! - Theme Sponsor:  SHB GEMS in memory of Julian
11PM: Las Vegas Hour- Showgirls, Cards, Poker Chips - Theme Sponsor: Team Gulls Wing
MIDNIGHT: TOGA! Food fights!? - Theme Sponsor:
1AM: 80's hour -Big Hair and Neon clothes - Theme Sponsor: In Memory of our parents, Billy, Loretta and Edna
2AM: Pac Man Hour - Pac man ghosts fruits - Theme Sponsor: Giant Snail Races
3AM: Monopoly hour- Game piece Jail Inmate Millionare! - Theme Sponsor:
4AM: Ahoy Matey! Nautical/Pirate Hour - Theme Sponsor: Rosehaven Privateers
5AM: Hero Hour - Dress as your favorite hero - Theme Sponsor: The Original Marvel RP
6AM: Fight Back Lap - Theme Sponsor: Gavin Dionysus
7AM: Wear your coffee and drink your curlers (bath robes, slippers, just rolled out of bed) - Theme Sponsor: Relay Rockers
8AM: Hawaiian Hour- Swimsuits and grass skirts - Theme Sponsor: C&V's House of Rock
9AM: Purple Power Hour! All purple!! - Theme Sponsor: Team Shadow
11AM: Victory Lap-Dancing In The Streets - Sparklers

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