Thursday, June 4, 2020

News and Commentary: Linden Lab CEO States Second Life Userbase Now 900,000

It's been generally agreed that since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, the number of people using Second Life has been growing due to people staying at home and looking for things to do online. In early April, Brett Linden stated the number of new users was up 60%. But Linden Lab didn't say anything about it's monthly userbase, until recently. In an interview in Vice Magazine, CEO Ebbe Altberg stated Second Life was used by 900,000 people every month.

“The Second Life community, which now has about 900,000 active users monthly, hosts hundreds of events daily,” Ebbe Altberg, the CEO of Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, tells VICE.

So how big an increase is it? Ryan Schultz thought about the 2013 statistics in the article about Second Life in the December 2017 edition of The Atlantic, which estimated the number of regular users were 600,000. That's not necessarily a 50% increase from just before the Coronavirus pandemic. In a Backchannel article (published via Wired Magazine) in Feb 2017, the number of monthly residents was estimated to be 800,000 by Linden Lab, down from 1.1 million from 2006.

So at least according to the Lab, the userbase fell by almost half from it's peak of 1.1 million to 600,000 in 2013. Then it grew some over the next four years to 800,000. And in the past three years, presumably mostly in the past few months, it's grown some more to 900,000.

While a one-eighth increase in usership is less dramatic than a 50% one, an increase is still an increase. It does seem to suggest that while many more are at least trying out Second Life, once again only a fraction are staying.

Sources: Vice, The Atlantic, Ryan Schultz, Wired   

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. What I have noticed though is attendance at group gatherings, lke music parties/clubs, live event's, shoppng mall's has fallen and there seesm to be a general trend of people reluctant to spend money. I suspect ths all stems from Covad, money wise no one is sure what the future will bring and I wonder if social distancing is feeding through even to the SL thought process. All I know is I'm seeing lower numbers which suggests people are finding free stuff to do or maybe the newbies right now are not making it far out of the newbie stage?