Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Press Release: May 2020 HFOT Donations

Hi all…..last month was the month that we celebrate Memorial Day.  And I am excited to announce that it was a great one for donations to Homes For Our Troops.  The total donations for HFOT came to $1445!  That is excellent folks.  Total donations are now standing at $5700 for 2020.  If we can keep having months like May we will beat 2019’s donations so let’s all keep up the great work!
As a result of May’s donations, Jamie Crossman, Manager of Individual Giving for HFOT has stated: 

"Thank you so much for all of your efforts. Despite these challenging times our mission continues to pay it forward to those who have sacrificed for our freedom. This past week we celebrated donating our 295th home since inception and are on track for our 300th early this fall. This would not be possible without all of you who believe in and support our mission.

Best wishes
Jamie Crossman
Director of Individual Giving, HFOT “

And once again these results were accomplished because of special efforts by some very kind folks and some great performing talent that helped create excitement for this important cause. 

The first round of applause goes to those folks that put in an extra effort for Homes For Our Troops.

Thank you:

EastbayRay, Cattleya Lovette LadySmack Gears and the Legion of Vets MC
JulesA Flow, Salonios Koolhoven and DOOWOPS FOREVER at Gigli  Isles
Rockin' Robin VIPs and all their great Staff
RGHangnLo Resident DJ efforts with Pop's Crue
Fire Bonfire and everyone at Boots and Lace Country Rock Club
Cayleen Linette and everyone at Cay's at Woodland Lake
DL Skytower and The Hacienda Club
Wizard2016 Resident  and Midnight Renegade Country Club

And then there were the great performers and their managers who donated their time. Thank you:

Di Waya Snowpaw
Quartz and his great manager Duplicat and management team Keys Management
Sassy Nitely and Troy Nelson and Music Speaks Management
The Vinnie Show and his manager Daallee
Neomaximus Brandenburg and his managers Tim Allagash and Kat Vargas
Samm Qendra

And our family of consistent supporters continues to grow.  These folks have located HFOT donation kiosks throughout the grid which helps with our on-going effort.  This round of applause goes out to:

Dilah Halostar at Bluemoon Island
Everyone at Club Mojo
Bixyl Shuftan and  Purrfection  estates
Joi Shepherd and all the folks at Runaround Sues
Creed Bimbogami aand all the folks of Patriots of War MC
Doris Johnsky and her gallery at Deneb
Ashley Steel and all the folks at Saddles Country
Mrs Tara Ἤᾄяяἷşὄᾗ  and CJ’s Club at the Metaverse SIM

Our family continues to grow and there are many more that have now placed HFOT donation kiosks and will be helping with this effort.  Thank you all for doing this.

Lastly, our monthly benefit at U.S. Veterans center could only be held with the great support of Bri Mcmahon, Gjackie Winkler and Dahlea Milena.  Thank you for all you do.

As always I am amazed and honored to be affiliated with everyone involved with this effort.  It is especially needed considering the events that have happened in 2020.  Please keep the faith and continue helping this great cause.

Stay safe and well,

Frets Nirvana

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