Thursday, June 18, 2020

EOTB: "Last Call" For Ten Last Names For Residents

It's been two months since Linden Lab brought back last names, at least as an option, for newer avatars. But reaction to them was somewhat mixed. Obviously, some were less popular than others. And on Tuesday, Linden Lab announced ten of the surnames would soon be retired, and replaced.

We have been very pleased to see the response to the return of last names back in April. The response thus far has been mostly positive, with some residents opting to wait for names that feel more personal to them.  

Much as we did with the original legacy surnames, we plan to update and change the available last names regularly. That way, a good variety of first and last name combinations are available at any given moment. We are taking a number of factors into consideration on making the decision about when to change up the names, most importantly how popular, or unpopular, a name is. 

Today, we are announcing the retirement of some of the last names from the first round.

So on Thursday June 25, ten names will no longer be available for residents as options when getting a last name or changing their existing one: Alpaca, Covfefe, Damballar, Float, Jazzhands, Mainsail, Nimble, Piggins, Plumday, and Yeetly. Those whom already have them or get them in time of course get to keep them.

The ten new surnames that will replace the old have yet to be announced.

For more information, check the blog post here.

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