Saturday, June 27, 2020

SL Video: "Dancing" by Katie Dey

From Indie-pop musician Katie Dey on June 24. Dev made this video with the help of Devi McCallion entirely within Second Life.

"This video was made entirely in Second Life, and I hope when people watch it they think about just how much work it would take to do that. If you've ever played that game you know how difficult it is to even control the camera, let alone create a whole world, with such incredible characters, such breathtaking cinematography. Created remotely, across countries, in a pandemic, on a dying laptop, their lives in utter chaos, the world in chaos... I hope people cry about these beautiful characters, and then cry about the beautiful humans that put so much love and care into creating them. ..."

From "Fader"
Hat Tip: Inara Pey

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