Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Last Day To See The Relay Sims

There have been some years the Relay sims were up after the weekend until Friday. But sadly this year isn't the case. Today is the last day to get a chance to take a look at the various sims and team campsites, such as the Second Life Cheerleading Squad's, which had this fun playable tribute to Donkey Kong at RFL Promise (166/160/23).

But before the camps are taken down, there's a Relay tradition to take place, the Flood Party, which starts at 3PM.

The Flood The Regions & Wrap Up awards weill be held Wed. June 10 from 3 til 7 pm, on the beach @

Join us for one last time on the Relay Regions and Track!

Wrap Up Awards will be announced During The Party
Listen Live on

Bring A Floatie and Dress To Get Wet!

After the event concludes, teams are given the go-ahead to start taking down campsites.

Addition: As the Flood Party was starting, we heard from Linden Lab that the sims had a few more days. Unfortunately, some people, presumably mostly those who would be busy tomorrow, had already taken their camps down.

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