Thursday, June 25, 2020

The SL17B Cake Hat

 In the days of the resident-run Second Life Birthday celebrations, one repeated theme was the Cake Stage. Even if it didn't look a lot like a cake, the name stuck. When Linden Lab resumed full control of the event last year, the Cake Stage tradition would be among those coming to an end. But some traditions die hard, and some openly missed "The Cake." Finally, Nance Clowes stepped in by offering an unofficial SL17B cake of sorts, or rather a cake hat. After getting permission from the Moles to put it up in the gift shop area, she announced it in the Second Life Birthday group.

CAKE CAKE CAKE. The sl17b Cake is now in the Gift Area. It comes in edible form as well as  . . Cake Hats.  of course. at SL17B Mesmerize (134,221,24)

A few residents reacted with cheers and jokes. "CAKE!!!!!!!" "Let them eat cake." "The cake is a lie! ... not."

Taking a look myself, I got a copy just by clicking on it. It came already unpacked, so there was no need to go anywhere to rezz it. It did take a few minutes to completely show due to the lag in the area. But once it did, it look pretty.

So finally, fans of the Cake Stage tradition get their cake, sort of. As mentioned, you can get it at the gift shop area in the middle of the SL17B grounds.

Bixyl Shuftan

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